Ch. Fiesta’s Trouble In Room 515, JH, CGC
GCH Gateway’s Nothin’ But Trouble (2013 Potomac BOB) X GCH Fiesta’s Path to Happiness
OFA Hips: Good, Elbows: Normal, Cerf: Normal, EIC, CNM: Clear, PRA Clear By DNA testing, Full Dentition, Heart Echo Normal, HNPK test Clear, DM Clear, Coat Length Clear. Color Coat Clear
Three generations, Grandma Marshyhope Fiesta’s Next Page, Mother GCH  Fiesta’s Path To Happiness, and son, Ch Fiesta’s Trouble in Room 515
 DOB: 2/3/2011
Bondo finishes his championship!
Three generations, Grandma Page on left, Mom SaNay, and SaNay’s son, Bondo, on right.
Bondo and Pippin litter

Bondo and Reese litter, breeder from Northern Ca.

Raylan, another Bondo daughter from Reece!  Adorable baby girl is now living with a great family and enjoying life.
Bondo is producing fantastic puppies. Currently at stud to approved bitches